The Golden Cage symbolizes a destination, shiny and alluring, one that we work for and seek after with the sincerest of intentions.

Maybe it’s a personal or professional goal. Maybe it’s a set of societal expectations or cultural symbols of success. Maybe it’s the honest attempt to live up to the standards of others so as not to disappoint anyone. For me it was all of the above. The problem with the golden cage is that as beautiful and outwardly desirable as it may be, when you settle in you realize that although golden, it’s still a cage. If you hide it well, those around you, impressed by the gold, may never even notice the bars and the locks.  Sometimes the things we strive hardest towards are things that can never truly satisfy. Conversely, they actually hold us back from living the truly fulfilled life of authenticity and abundance God has planned for us.

These devotionals were born out of a difficult time in my life. God began to speak to me and I was overwhelmingly compelled to write everything down. I didn’t know at the time that He would one day have me share it with others. So the devotionals to follow are lessons that God has been and is continuing to teach me daily. He used them to “unlock my cage” and bring me closer to Him. My prayer is that they will do the same for you.

 Living freely. Caged no more. These are my thoughts…

❤ Sharese